What does a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto cost?

If you get charged with a crime in the Toronto area, you should contact a skilled criminal defence attorney right away. A knowledgeable criminal defence attorney can assist you in navigating the complexities of the legal system and ensuring that you construct a strong defence against the allegations. While hiring a criminal defense attorney in Toronto does not guarantee that you will get acquitted of the accusations, it does increase your chances and almost certainly helps you obtain the best possible result

While it is common knowledge that engaging a criminal defence attorney in Toronto is not inexpensive, it can be challenging to determine a reasonable or realistic fee for such services. Several elements will influence the final cost of your legal bill, just as they do with other experts. Understanding these aspects is critical for evaluating the fees you’ve been charged and deciding how to spend your legal budget.

Factors that Influence Your Price:

Case Difficulty

Although shoplifting charges are less expensive to defend than murder cases, case complexity can be a little more nuanced. Two impaired driving cases can cost significantly different sums if one gets resolved by a trial on a small and particular problem. While the other may involve multiple expert witnesses and multiple days of case trial.


Lawyers work all around Southern Ontario and occasionally even outside the province. Outside of the GTA, travel, mileage, and disbursement charges can skyrocket, but they consistently cover courts in Newmarket, Oshawa, Brampton, Barrie, Collingwood, Milton, Orangeville, and beyond with no additional fees.

Trial Mode

In more severe indictable cases, the accused can choose between an Ontario Court of Justice trial or a Superior Court of Justice trial with or without a jury. Superior Court proceedings, particularly jury trials, take longer and, as a result, are more expensive. These instances may get preceded by a preliminary investigation, which increases the charge total. Your BSB criminal lawyer will go over the advantages and disadvantages of choosing your trial mode, as well as the significant financial implications of doing so.

The level of experience of the attorney you hire:

A great criminal trial lawyer isn’t something you can buy off the shelf. Because experience is valuable, it comes at a price. During your initial client meeting, you will get told about the expenses and benefits of hiring a more experienced lawyer so that you can make an informed decision and select the best lawyer for you.