Coin Collection With Wheat Penny

1921 silver dollar

Different people have different hobbies that they pursue and benefit from it. Collecting coins of various historical periods is a common thing among people, and many find it interesting to collect them for a long-term profit. These coins have a unique value for it, and they are something precious to be preserved. To dwell the historical happenings and gain knowledge, collecting coins can help. Lincoln Wheat Penny is the most collected coin in the world and is one of the popular series of coins in The United States. Many coin collectors are thriving to collect these coins as they are one such rare historic collection. They can add more value to your coin collection.

History of Wheat Pennies

Victor D. Brenner was the person who designed the coin Wheat Penny. The Lincoln coin was the one chosen for commemorating his 100th birth anniversary. The Brenner’s initials were three, and these were placed in the bottom of the coin in the reverse order. It was a break where the last name of the designers was used over the coins.

1921 silver dollar

The arise of objection from Mint Engraver Charles E. Barber for putting the initials of the designer lead to the removal of the initials from those coins. As these coins were released in a minimal amount due to the objections, they were considered a rare collection. These coins were extremely scarce in number that made the reason for people thriving to collect these coins to add more value to their coin collection.

The value of the coin in the market

With the release of the four reverse initials on the coin in the year 2009, the interest over these Lincoln coins went on the peak. The values of the coins kept increasing, and the dealers offered a better price for the coins that created interest among the people to collect coins. It serves as the most wanted coins ever in American society, and it is an interesting job to collect these coins.

These cents come in different metals including, silver and copper. Collection of valuable coins can add more price to your historical belongings. The wheat cents serves the best for the collectors from all age groups and adds more value to the coin collecting habit.