Day Makeup Tips to Show Off Your Eyelash Extensions.

eyelash extension kit

A look says a thousand words and if you have already managed to have long eyelashes with a prominent curvature thanks to your lash extensions, now you must find the perfect balance when applying makeup.

It is not the same to do makeup to go to your children’s office or school, then for a social event.

The goal of extensions is to make your lashes look fuller without losing their natural look. That is why it is essential to choose a good makeup that enhances your eyes without falling into excess.

Here we show you some tips from the famous to make you fall in love with your look.

First of all, remember that it is important that all the makeup you use is water-based. Products that contain oils can affect the adhesive that the extensions hold to the lash extensions.

Use Light or Beige Tones

It is a must that you have shadow palettes with shades from beige, pink and brown colors. The combination of these will make your eyes look brighter.

Smoky Effect 

If you want to emphasize the eye area more, you can make a smoky effect in a brown tone on the upper eyelid and the lower part of the eye.

lash extensions kit

Smoky Effect Makeup.

Eyelash Mascara

Apply mascara to the lower lash line to optically open your gaze. If you want to give your extensions even more volume, we recommend using an extreme volume mask.

More Luminosity

To give your eyes more luminosity, add a touch of illuminator on the outside of the tear duct, you will create an impressive effect!

Final Words

So, to look graceful and elegant keep your makeup on tips.